Welcome to HELPinKids&Adults

If you're looking for information you can trust about making vaccine injections less painful, you've come to the right place. HELPinKids&Adults (formerly HELPinKids) has reviewed all the science on this topic and created useful summaries and tools for health care providers and the public. Our work has been used by several health authorities including the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop its own guideline about reducing vaccination pain.

HELPinKids&Adults stands for Help ELiminate Pain in Kids & Adults. We are a group of about two dozen experts working in different areas of health related to vaccination and pain. Our team includes health care providers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and psychologists), scientists, policy makers, educators and patient advocates. We work in different universities, hospitals, government and non-government organizations across Canada. Click here for more information about us.