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Minimum set standards for computers 1-22

Basic computer standards | Communication | Surveillance | Plotting, Calculation, Simulation

Graphics, image conversion | 3D Imaging, image analysis | Image Deconvolution | Protein visualization

Standards for workstations

Hardware: 3.0GHz i5 2x cores (32 nm) 6MB Cache, 8GB Ram, 2T HD, 64 bit Win7
Basic office - Microsoft Office 2010
PDF's - Adobe acrobat pro 8
CD Creation - Roxio CD Creator
Electronic reference - Endnote 11
Voice to text - Dragon naturally speaking 11
System: FileSync, Encryption, WinZip


Google Chrome
Mail - Outlook 2010
FTP: SSH Secure Shell


Norton Anivirus
Zone Alarm Pro
Spydoctor 3.2
AdAware 5.0
SpywareBlaster 3.4
Norton Ghost

Plotting, Calculation, Simulation

Graphpad Prism
MS Excel
MatLab 7.0 / Matlab SDK Morphology / Matlab Lyngby

Graphics,image conversion

Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Image Ready 7.0
Adobe Illustrator 7.0
Corel Graphics Suite 11
Video conversion - AVIedit
Codec conversion - Bink 1.8e and Smacker 4.2b

3D Imaging / image analysis (Freeware)

Neuromantic (Primary viewer):    Neural Morphology
IMAGEJ (use with Henderson plugins):    Basic Image Analysis
MRIcro/n from Chris Rorden (Primary viewer):    MRI, PET, CT, ET
OCCI VIewer:    MRI and 3D neural imaging
Image Surfer Manual:    MRI and 3D imaging
MIPAV:    MRI analysis
ParaView:    Image Analysis
CARET:    Surface based atlases
GE MicroView:    MRI Analysis
Reconstruct:    Image Analysis
PVIEW / VIAS / NeuroGL:    Image Analysis, Neural morphology
Display and Register:    MRI analysis
GIMP:    Image Analysis
Google SketchUp:    Basic 3D Design
For a map of file interconversions using the above freeware, click HERE
3D surgical atlas of the murin head, click HERE

Image Deconvolution

Nikon Deconvolution software (MIH - University of Toronto)

Protein Visualization

UCSF Chimera (Primary viewer): Protein visualization
Deepview, Swiss-PDB Viewer
RasMol viewer
Cn3D Viewer

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