System requirements:

Neuromouse will run on any 386 or higher equipped PC with a minimum of4 Mb of RAM. The entire NeuroMouse atlas with all associated photo-plates, occupies about 60 Mb. Note that NM is written for an optimal screen resolution of 600 x 800 pixels (the mostcommon resolution for PC's). The program is distributed on, and willrun from, a CD-ROM. However in order to add/change data, and optimize theprograms' speed, it should be transferred to read-write system (normallythe system's hard drive).


NM system integrity:

Each registered NM copy displays a unique registration number at startup, which is verified by the internal PGP encryption key. These components do not have any action outside the NM program modules, however the registration unit does contain a CRM counter which tracks program replication (and can inactivate NM if it reads excessive program duplication).

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