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This page provides information on distribution of the current version of NeuroMouse, an interactive ToolBook-based, object-oriented database of  murine neurologic information. This system provides an integrated resource for the characterization and description of mammalian neurologic data. Major divisions include: Neural Atlas, Molecular Atlas, Genetics/Surgical Lesion Atlas. Neuromouse has been integrated into our strain-specific three dimensional MRI and surgical atlases of the murine CNS. The development of the public AERD - Antibody / Epitope Registry Database, is also an outgrowth of the NeuroMouse project. The Murine Imaging and Histology Core facility maintains components of the NeuroMouse database for use by University investigators. Version 6.0e is the current version of NeuroMouse used within the core facility.

An interactive example of key proteins / interactions involved in the process of programmed cell death (apoptosis) can be seen here (Jmol).

What is NeuroMouse? / Database Contents

System requirements

NM ordering and updates / Tech and legal issues

NM Demo (outline of old NM version 1.0)

For those wishing to contribute

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and trouble shooting


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