The aim of the Murine Imaging and Histology (MIH) core is to facilitate the morphologic analysis of wild-type and genetically modified mice, principally through optical-based methods.  Our primary focus is analysis of the murine central nervous system, as mice represent an increasingly valuable system for modeling aspects of human neuronal injury and disease. The facility is designed to allow investigators to observe and characterize structural alterations at both the regional and cell-specific level.  These facilities also allow researchers to perform a variety of gene transduction experiments on primary cells, in either in vitro, ex vivo, or in vivo contexts.  Funds for these facilities were provided through grants to the facility director by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation - New Opportunities Fund, the Ontario Innovation Trust, and the Canadian Institute for Health Research.

  Instructions for account set-up and equipment fees are indicated below.  Facility fees are determined on a strict cost-recovery basis. The MIH Core is located on the 9th floor of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy,144 College Ave (Corner of University and College).   The MIH Core hosts and maintains both the NeuroMouse and the Antibody / Epitope Registry (AERD) databases for use by academic investigators. The Murine Imaging and Histology Core also works in partnership (see inventions) and the Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics to develop high-throughput forms of gene modification.

03/16/2015 Special note on unit access FOBS: Please be aware that due to recent changes in campus policy ANY update to FOBS including those which regulate access another building and/or animal colony MAY result in the inhibition of your current FOB . In such instance the new/updated FOB should contain all of you traditional access privileges. Due to the relatively recent nature of this policy please be aware that in most cases those performing such updates (i.e. issuance of new animal access FOBs) are unaware their actions may inactivate your current FOB . We would ask all users to first check their new/updated FOBs for proper transfer of access privileges prior to registering a complaint. In the event that proper access privileges are NOT properly transferred, please contact U of T campus police for modification of access privileges. Note that this new policy only affects University buildings/access points. Hospital and TCP access cards retain their independent working status. MIH access issues outside those listed above should be referred to Dr. Henderson (416 978-3090) for assistance. Thank you.



Dr. Jeffrey Henderson
Phone: (416) 946-3090
Urgent: (647) 880-1521
Email: jeff.henderson@utoronto.ca


Microscopy:      (MIH Microscopy Guide)
Fluorescent Microscopy
Standard histology
Time-lapse, deconvolution imaging

Microinjection / Electrophysiology Scope
Explant / slice imaging
Analysis of neural morphometry
Microinjection of neural cells / tissues
Microelectroporation (see below)

Image processing
Image processing (2D)
Image processing (3D reconstruction)
Related: (experimental databasesdata archiving,)

Sample processing and embedding
Wax sectioning - Microtome
Frozen sectioning - Cryostat

Transfection of primary cells / tissues:
Focal neural imaging - microinjection
Explant transfection - biolistic transfection
Transfection of primary tissues - electroporation

Data services:
Experiment databases
Data archiving / Offline storage

Surgical laser system
Stereotactic surgical atlases (murine)

Analyses of motor control:
Gait analysis

Open field
Passive avoidance
Fear conditioning


Account Setup / Pricing

To see details of each service and rates, please see the appropriate pages indicated above. Investigators wishing to set up an account may do so by completing the following form. Completed application forms can then be emailed to the facility administrator. Investigators will be sent their MIH ID and passwords via email once an account is established. Investigator rates for services are indicated on each page description.

The MIH occasionally receives requests for fee-for-service pricing for histology and immunology beyond collaborative arrangement.
I attach the following for laboratories looking for such arrangements as given by our sister institution.

- Jeffrey Henderson
Director, Murine Imaging and Histology Core Facility


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